Reception Venue Tips

Best Michigan Wedding Photographers

Questions To Ask Your Reception Venue

  • Do you have the capacity to hold our number of guests?
  • Do you have a minimum or maximum number of guests?
  • When are final guest numbers needed?
  • What packages do you offer- what is included and not included?
  • How many hours do these packages allot for us?
  • Are the style and decor of the venue keeping with you theme and level of formality?
  • Do you have any suggestions on making the most of our budget?
  • Do you provide an event coordinator that can be our go-to person prior to and during the event?
  • Can we see photos from previous weddings?
  • Can you decorate the room, provide tables, lighting, etc, to fit our needs?
  • Can we bring in our own decorations and lighting? What are the limitations?
  • Is there a dance floor or will we have to put one in?
  • Is there a separate room for the bridal party?
  • Can you take early deliveries? When can we set up?
  • How are the staff? Friendly? Helpful? Well Groomed?
  • How many staff will be working at our wedding?
  • Will there be another wedding or event during the same day or time?
  • Are the acoustics good enough for your guests? Also are they good enough  not to be interrupted by another event going on?
  • Can the ceremony be held at the same location?
  • Are there good locations on the grounds for photos?
  • Are there restrictions on finishing time, noise levels, parking, etc.
  • Can you cope with special diets, children, wheelchair access, etc.
  • What are the cancellation and overtime fees?
  • Are there any other charges we have not discussed?

Saving Money

  • Hold your ceremony and reception at the same location. You may receive a discount from your venue. You will have on driving charges for limos as well as times for photographers, video, and other vendors
  • Try to avoid holidays. Venues often have to pay their staff more on these day and thus raise their prices.
  • If you are having a wedding at a club, find a member to sponsor you. It will save you money!


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